EARS Trophy - Golf Croquet Handicap Singles 2017                               as @ 08.10.17
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Semi-Final Final Result
Deadline Deadline Deadline Deadline Deadline Deadline Winner
4 June 8 July 6 August 3 September 24 September 8 October EARS 2017
Jan v Audrey Jan [7-5,7-6] Lorna [5-7,7-3,7-0] Peter [7-4,7-6] Iain G
Iain G
Lorna v Bye Lorna
Alison v Jennifer Jennifer [7-3,7-1] Peter [4-7,7-6,7-6]
Peter v Bye Peter
Mike T v Iain G Iain G [4-3,4-2] Iain G
Iain G
Robert v Bye Robert
Julie v Andrea Julie [7-5,7-4] Julie [3-7,7-3,7-6]
Ron v Bye Ron
Alan v Charles Charles [7-3,7-4] Mike H [7-0,5-7,7-3] Mike H [7-6,7-5] Mike H [7-3,7-5]
Mike H v Bye Mike H
Jay v Bye Jay [w/d] Anthony
Anthony v Bye Anthony
Hilary v Chris Chris [7-5,7-4] Bernice [7-3,7-4] Anne B [7-3,6-7,7-6]
Bernice v Bye Bernice
Anne B v Bye Anne B Anne B [7-2,7-6]
Barry v Bye Barry
Lorna v Anthony Anthony [7-5,7-6] Julie [7-4,5-7,7-6] Charles [5-7,7-6,7-4] Ron [6-7,7-3,7-3] Mike H [7-2,7-4]
Julie v Bye Julie
Robert v Anne B Robert [7-4,5-7,7-6] Charles [7-4,1-7,7-6]
Charles v Bye Charles
Peter v Bernice Bernice [7-6,5-7,7-5] Bernice [7-5,4-7,7-3] Ron [7-4,7-5]
Iain G v Bye Iain G
Ron v Jay [w/d] Ron  Ron [7-5,7-4]
Jan v Bye Jan
Mike H v Barry Mike H [7-4,7-2] Mike H [7-6,7-2] Mike H [7-5,7-2] Mike H [6-7,7-2,7-5,]
Alison v Bye Alison
Audrey v Bye Audrey Andrea [7-3,5-7,7-4]
Andrea v Bye Andrea
Jennifer v Bye Jennifer Mike T [7-4,7-3] Alan [7-3,7-5]
Mike T v Bye Mike T
Alan v Bye Alan Alan [7-6,7-3]
Hilary v Bye Hilary
Players must play to current handicaps on the day of their match.
Matches are to be best of three 13-point games.  Each of the three games is recorded separately on the handicap card.  Note that the result of a game might cause you to pass a handicap trigger point; however any change of handicap does not take place until after the match. Results to be entered in the file and emailed to JF for web entry cc CH.